I only have experience breastfeeding my son, Elliott, at Disney World and Universal Orlando, however, I would imagine these tips would work for any theme park.

When we first brought Elliott to Universal Studios, he was only 4 months old. Breastmilk was his only source of nutrition at that time so nursing was essential. You can read about our trip to Universal Orlando with a 4 month old.

  1. Keeping baby cool while nursing

Days in Florida can be very hot and humid, even in the early spring, and my little one would get very hot when nursing, even indoors! His whole head would sweat, even more so when he was falling asleep. I purchased a stroller fan to use for him in the stroller, but it also doubled as a great way to keep him cool while nursing. I would always keep the stroller close by and just flip the fan to face outward and point it towards him.

  1. Find a spot with shade.

There are plenty of places to sit all around Universal Orlando and Disney World, and many of those have shade as well! I’d recommend scouting out some places as you go about your day in preparation for nursing. Sometimes when I would nurse Elliott, the rest of the group would go get on a ride and there would be a perfect spot nearby with shade! You could also bring an umbrella to create your own shade. I brought a Coolibar umbrella because it has UPF 50+ protection from the sun. I didn’t have to use it while nursing but we did use it at other times. 

  1. Nobody even looked twice.

I was a little nervous about breastfeeding in such a huge, crowded public area but honestly, nobody even looked twice! Theme parks have so many people and most people there are not paying attention to the mom holding her baby close, sitting on a bench with a stroller nearby. 

  1. Mom needs to stay extra hydrated and extra nourished!

We know drinking extra fluids and eating extra calories is necessary for optimal milk production, this is even more true when visiting theme parks! We did a lot of walking at Universal Orlando and we did even more walking at Disney World. Bringing a refillable water bottle is great or you can always ask for a cup of water for free if you prefer! I would also recommend bringing some high-calorie snacks as well.

  1. Designated nursing areas

I personally didn’t use the designated nursing areas because I wanted to stay with the group but there are nursing rooms available at Disney World and Universal Orlando if preferred. They would be a great way to stay out of the Florida heat and give you both some privacy though!

Let me know in the comments your best tips for nursing your baby at a theme park!

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